The Golf Tourist

Chip in the front room at the Pine Crest Inn - the front porch with the rocking chairs and the outside bar is pretty hard to beat. Also Payne Stewart's large autograph is preserved above the door in the men's loo.

The Pinehurst Clubhouse - A real center of golf history.

The Tufts Archives & Sand Green - located in the center of town in the back of the attractive Givens Library. It is a display of antiquarian golf memorabilia. Outside is the authentic sand green which has hickory clubs and you can play for free.

Drive Midland Road - The first divided highway in North Carolina has retained its' charm. It is fronted by innumerable golf courses, including Pine Needles.

Speaking of Pine Needles, the lounge there is pretty great with a panoramic view of the first and the last holes. A lot of US Opens have been celebrated there. And not just the women, that is where Michael Campbell ended up celebrating his. Statler celebrated his Tour Championship there.