The worlds oldest living longleaf pine tree has been located. It is in the Weymouth Woods Preserve - and is at least 460 years old. Link

There was a movie called Airborne filmed in Aberdeen and Ft. Bragg in 1962.

There used to be a trolley that went from the Southern Pines Depot to Pinehurst. It went up W. Illinois Ave. up to where Knollwood Fairways is - then down Midland Road to downtown Pinehurst.

F. Scott Fitzgerald visited Southern Pines author James Boyd in 1935. His editor wanted him to see how an author could live sensibly. It did not work but The Great Gatsby did make quite an impression making an inebrited leap over a hedge in Pinehurst "wearing a blue sport coat and white duck pants".

Did you know the Rockefellers had their own private Donald Ross golf course beside Pinehurst? They also had a full scale polo field. It was called Overhills.

Natalie Wood's last movie Brainstorm was filmed in RTP, Kitty Hawk and Pinehurst.

There are several very good original paintings by N.C. Wyeth which have been hanging in a town owned building in Southern Pines. No, they are not in a museum. They are in a accounting office! That office used to be the town library which has since moved to a more functional building.Photos

Gary Gordon, the real life hero of "Black Hawk Down" lived in Southern Pines.

A few of the Pinehurst CC courses have many "fox squirrels". These curious creatures have the body of a squirrel but with white noses and coats that are varying degrees of black. The best place to see them is on #1 course.

There is a private golf hole which connects to #2 course. It is about a lob wedge from the 9th green. It runs up to the original Tufts house. Despite strong objection "progress" brought a paved road through the middle of it.Photo

George Marshall (of the Marshall Plan which saved a place called Europe) lived in Liscombe Cottage in Pinehurst. Interestingly, he did not play golf. Harry Truman visited him there when he was President.

Remnants from the unbuilt Montevideo Park golf course and 500 acre community are still around.